Intelligent Lighting Systems

Comprehensive Lighting Technology Design

Lighting has changed so much over the last 10 years. Lighting design in homes used to be something reserved for only the most luxurious of projects, and home technology experts like us only were only involved with controlling your lights. In today’s environment of LEDs, various color temperatures, warm-dim fixtures, tunable white fixtures, art lighting, and circadian rhythm solutions, lighting design in 2023 is a technology discussion and, for most, a requirement on every high-end home technology project. 

We’ve been designing, engineering, and delivering lighting control projects for years, and with our background in both high voltage and low voltage technology systems, we are happy to now offer a comprehensive lighting design/build solution that holistically looks at controls, fixtures, and associated lighting technology across your entire lighting project.

Here’s what that looks like:

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Discovery Phase

This is when we learn about your home and how you plan to live within it. It includes a comprehensive lighting design questionnaire completed by the client and a 60-minute follow-up lighting design meeting. We make some preliminary models of your home and educate you on the different lighting technology available, the different approaches to lighting fixture selection, and lighting placement. We also discuss how fixture selection can affect the overall budget.

Kitchen, Great Room, Entry

Design Phase

In the design phase, we take everything we learned about your project and translate that to the preliminary lighting layout, fixture selection, budget, and your home fully rendered with foot candle measurements.

Bed 2

Deliver Phase

Once the design is agreed upon, we finalize professional drawings for your construction team that includes: Layout, Rendering, Fixture Schedule, Load Schedule, System Controls Schedule, and Fixture and Controls pricing for us to provide hardware, programming, and project management. Typical Design Turnaround 2-4 weeks. Fixture delivery time varies.


Build Phase

If a client chooses to work with us for the construction phase of the lighting project, a project build quote is created, and after approval, we project manage all aspects of the lighting project, from coordination with the builder, electrician, and cabinet team, to the detailed procurement process of all architectural lighting fixtures and controls. We will also work closely with the client or the interior designer to recommend and in some cases provide decorative fixtures that serve the project’s aesthetic needs. The system will be programmed by our technicians, we will help aim adjustable fixtures, and we will also fine-tune all the light levels for both Daytime and Nighttime settings in each area

Lighting Control

For projects that do not require a comprehensive approach to lighting design, we also offer lighting control solutions. Great for retrofit projects and clients that already have lighting in place, lighting controls make it easier than ever to enjoy just the right amount of light with a single button push. In most cases, we can easily replace existing switches and dimmers with smart dimmers and switches, opening up your lighting to things like app controls, keypad controls, scheduled lighting scenes, and light triggered by motion detection. Lighting controls are hugely popular and are a required addition to every home.

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