Better Living with Current Technology

We're putting the finishing touches on another fully integrated smart home featuring a Crestron control system that is managing the Audio, Video and Lighting control systems. All systems can be controlled from some very easy to use in-wall keypads, touch screen controllers as well as universal hand held remotes and of course smart phones and tablets.
Great room surround sound

The goal in this space was to have a clean, easy to use surround sound system... All the electronics such as the Integra surround sound receiver, blu ray player, Crestron processor, DirTV receiver and Apple TV are housed in the cabinetry below the TV, because the LED TV is offset in the space we elected to use the Revel LCR bar mounted below the TV for the front speakers and a pair of in-wall architectural 2-way loudspeakers towards the back of the room for the rear effects. While trying to find a balance between acoustics and aesthetics we designed the Sunfire subwoofer into the bottom left cabinet. 

Better Living with Current Technology.

New home construction

.... it's never too early for a design/engineering site visit. In today's integrated home we feel it's always best to be proactive and walk through sooner than later. In this project we will be using a Crestron integration controller to run our lighting control, Great room surround sound system, Multi-source/Multi-zone audio, Window shade control and much more.  

Custom home under construction


10 reasons you should attend the 2013 Current Tech Expo and Extravaganza 

1) The Revel Ultima2 series Salon2 loudspeakers are on display for a limited time.

Revel Salon2

2) We'll share "Tips and Tricks" on how to stream audio throughout your home.

3) Now that it's springtime we'll be demonstrating a new outdoor audio system featuring an in-ground subwoofer and satellite speakers that disappear into the landscaping.

4) Invisible speakers are on display... Really! You've got to come by and check this out.

5) When was the last time you played an album? We'll be spinning vinyl on the Rega RP1 & RP3 turntables... it's analog and it's awesome!

Rega RP3

6) It's a mirror... it's a TV.... It's a mirror TV!

Peachtree audio & Mirror TV

7) Peachtree audio will be flexing their audiophile muscles with the Grand Integrated X-1 440 watt amplifier. You may have to sign a waiver for this demonstration.

8) Paula Blackwell encaustic art will be on display.

9) Some of the latest "smart home" products will be on display from manufacturers like Control4 and our newest partner Crestron!

10) Sales, Specials, Discontinued products, etc...

10.1) We've partnered with a local contractor and architect to build an outdoor living display that will be featuring a full timber framed structure, fire pit, BBQ, music, food, beverages and good conversation, hope you can attend!

Friday April 19th 12 - 8

Saturday April 20th 10 - 8

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Vancouver, Wa. 98660

Live-Wall invisible speaker installation

Live-Wall produces one of the only speakers praised by audiophiles and interior designers alike, because they're the only hidden speakers capable of premium sound. Live-Wall technology actually turns a wall's surface into a speaker diaphragm. Check out the photo's below of our recent installation featuring Live-Wall speakers connected to the Rega RP1 turntable.

Live-Wall speaker installation

Pictured here are the 12" x 18" woven fiberglass speaker panels.

12" x 18" Panels

Installation can be done in any standard 2x4 stud wall.

Live Wall install

Ready for "hot mud" 

Installed loudspeaker

Apply a 1/16th inch layer of mud, texture and paint...

Finish with "hot mud"


Installation complete

Please feel free to contact us for a demonstration at our downtown Vancouver showroom.

Week in review, haunted by the past...

Well not really haunted, actually not haunted at all. It's just great when past clients seek you out to hire you back for a system upgrade that you designed and installed years ago. This happened two times this week. Both projects had very similar needs, just a general update to the homes AV system. In both cases we reviewed the video options, plasma vs LED, 3d, mounting options, etc with manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Sony and Panasonic. Then we addressed the need for an HDMI compliant system and looked at AV receivers from Integra, Marantz and Denon. Once the backbone of the system was in place we updated the sources by adding a new blu ray player, streaming audio capability and a DAC by Peachtree Audio. Lastly we updated the control system and provided a single hand held remote by Control4 to operate the entire system with ease. Please give us a call or visit our showroom if you're in the Vancouver or Portland metro area and think it may be time for a family room facelift, we would love to earn your business.


We offer quality products from some of the best AV and Integration companies in the industry such as Revel speakers, Mark Levinson luxury audio components, Crestron control system products, Artison designer friendly custom built LCR bar speakers and many more. 

Week in review: Family room facelift

We worked on a number of projects this week, from wrapping up a rather large CCTV camera system, delivering and setting up a Peachtree Audio Nova 125 integrated amp with a pair of matching rosewood Design 5 loudspeakers, to installing LiveWall invisible in-wall loudspeakers. However, the majority of our efforts were dedicated to a new "Family Room Facelift" project for a past client, a type of project that has become very common over the last few years. In most cases, the general design of the systems that were built within the last five to ten years are solid, but with newer flat panel technology and HDMI interconnects there is a good argument to get current ;)

In this particular project our general scope of work consisted of the following tasks:

1) Install a new High speed, 3D compliant HDMI cable and from component location to flat panel HDTV location

2) Upgrade home theater receiver, DVD player and remote control system. For this application we provided our client with the Integra DTR-30.4 THX receiver, Samsung 3D blu ray player and Control4 HC250 processor with SR250 hand held remote control.

3) Replaced the 50" plasma HDTV with a new Sharp 70" 240Hz LED HDTV 

4) Sit back, relax and enjoy!

SHS... much more than just another TLA

SHS (Self Healing Systems).... much more than just another TLA (Three Letter Acronym) 

Today's systems are sophisticated, even a basic home theater system (HDTV, receiver, Cable box, Blu ray) has multiple

paths for failure, such as source stability, HDMI handshakes, network stability or firmware updates just to name a few. It has been our experience over the 

last few years as the "Connected Home" or "Smart Home" evolves and matures that our "System" although smarter, can also be more

problematic as one device relies on one or more other devices to function properly and reliably. That's the bad news, the good news is

"the fix". In most cases the fix is as simple as a "re-boot", no different than your home computer or smart phone. 

OK, now let's review what we've just learned.... 

1) Even today's basic AV systems are sophisticated and smart.

2) Nothing works perfectly all the time.

3) There is a fix and the fix is simple.

Welcome SHS (Self Healing Systems)! 

A SHS continuously monitors your system, not just the sources and devices in a system but also the network. When a problem

such as loss of internet access occurs the system will automatically re-boot the modem and then fire off a series of "pings"

to a few predetermined sites to verify stability. So now, instead of coming home to find that your DVR didn't record 24 hours of

Dancing with the Stars you get an email of the event details. 

SHS... Nearing perfection one re-boot at a time.

Bigger is better!

The Revel Ultima Salon2 loudspeakers are on display for a limited time only, please contact us for your private demonstration.

A time to give thanks...

I'm thankful that we received our new Peachtree audio Nova 125 today!

Quick specs... 

4 Products in One Chassis

  • 24/192 Upsampling DAC
  • 125 Watt per Channel Amp
  • Hybrid Tube Preamp
  • Headphone Amp


More power. You want to play your music louder without distortion. You want to feed your power hungry loudspeakers all of the watts they deserve. You want to fill a cavernous room with a throbbing bass line. You need more power. You need the nova125.

All of your music, from MP3 to PandoraTM to 24/192 lossless downloads, will have sound quality that will drive listening sessions long into the night, leaving your friends saying “just one more song.”

Design 5 speakers:

The Peachtree Audio D5 is a larger bookshelf speaker than our enthusiastically-reviewed D4*. Engineered for larger spaces, the D5 will reach authoritatively down to 50 Hz - a level of bass reproduction unheard of in a speaker this size. The result - when blended with our smooth-as-silk dome tweeter - is breathtaking. (Our tweeter diaphragm is actually made of silk fabric!)

What does this level of sound quality in an attractive but compact format mean? It means now everyone can be happy . . . the decorator, the casual listener and - most of all - the Audiophile who never has to make a “looks-for-sound" compromise again!

The White House

Just in time for the holiday's.... We're putting a bow on another great Portland / Vancouver area integrated custom home. Pictured here is a great room surround sound system featuring a Sharp 80" LED HDTV with Revel in wall architectural loudspeakers. We've designed this home with a Control4 platform that integrates and controls Lighting, Security, Camera's, House Audio, Intercom, Wireless streaming, etc... Yes, you heard me right, that's not a typo... it's really an 80" LED HDTV!

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Richard L.

Current Home Technologies provided invaluable guidance and service when we wanted to make the leap to HDTV. I'd recommend them to anyone.

Jennifer M.

Tony and his staff really know what they're doing. They are a pleasure to work with and I'm already looking forward to our next project with them.

Dave A.

The installations are always done on time and with a focus on my total satisfaction. And they are always there to help me with any questions after the sale. In a world full of unreliable service companies it's great to be able to have total trust in Current Home Technologies.

A. Bell

The team at Current Home Technologies is exceptionally professional, knowledgeable, thorough and flexible. It has been a delight to work with them to plan for our current and future audio and video needs.

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