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Happy to announce that we've been selected as a finalist!

Tony Curtis

Current Home Technologies, LLC

Dear Tony:

I wish to congratulate Current Home Technologies on being selected as a finalist in the Vancouver Business Journal’s Tenth Annual “Southwest Washington’s Business Growth Awards” in the category of Fastest Growing Business 1-5 years.  The quality of the companies that entered this year was once again truly amazing and the number of exceptional companies that entered makes your selection truly worthy of recognition. All finalists and category winners were chosen by a panel of independent business experts

 A complete list of the finalists will be announced in the April  4, 2014 edition of the Vancouver Business Journal’s   Just Business email blast and posted on Each of the finalists will be featured in the April 25, 2014 edition of the Vancouver Business Journal in which regional business growth will be the edition’s focus.  The winner for each category will be announced at the Business Growth Awards event at the Artillery Barracks building at the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site  on  April 24, 2014.  We are looking forward to an exciting and entertaining evening.

We look forward to seeing you at the Business Growth Awards 


Stephen B. McDonagh

Business Manager

Why doesn't my universal remote control work?

Here are a few basic tips to try if your universal remote control is about to make you lose control ;)

1) It may seem obvious but start with the batteries...

2) Even if you believe the batteries are good, some remote controls like the SR250/SR150 from Control4 will reboot after removing and reinstalling the batteries so it's worth a try.

3) If you have to point your remote at the entertainment center or components then you have an infra-red remote control and there are a few things to be aware of...

a) Bright or direct sunlight will interfere with the infra-red (IR) signal so shade the area and try again.

b) Check that the IR flashers are in the correct position on the components... non-ventilated AV cabinets will get very hot and cause the adhesive to loosen and the flasher will become unstuck and therefore the signal does not reach the component.

4) If you don't have to aim your remote at the AV cabinet or components then you have a radio frequency (RF) remote and there are a few things to be aware of...

a) RF signals can be interfered by other RF or wireless equipment so take a look around the home if something new has been installed, like a wireless weather station or new cordless phone system, etc... if so, simply disconnect the new gear and try again.

b) Many RF remote controls transmit to a receiving unit with a processor ("black box") that is often located in your AV cabinet, many of these will reboot after simply disconnecting from there power source.

5) Miscellaneous tips...

a) Check that your power conditioner or surge protector hasn't been tripped.

b) Some systems communicate control commands via the home network... verify the network switch, modem, router is up and running.

c) Ensure all your equipment is in sync... meaning the power state of all gear is the same.

d) If you have sound but no picture, make sure your TV is set to the correct input.

Unfortunately, even in todays basic AV systems there are many things that can cause a system to malfunction, hopefully this information may have helped you to get back up and running in time to catch your favorite program.


Farmhouse gets a make over

We just recently gave a 100 year old farmhouse a technology update...

Pictured here is a 55" Seura' custom mirror TV.


This home also features a Crestron integrated control system, multi-source multi-zone audio system with streaming audio, Revel architectural loudspeakers, Pakedge WiFi network, Surround sound system with a single integrated remote control, Sunfire in-wall subwoofer and remotely located components.

Revel Ultima Salon2 Loudspeakers now on display

We are happy to announce that the Revel Ultima Salon2 loudspeakers are now on display at our downtown Vancouver Audio/video and Integration showroom. Here's what the industry professionals have to say about this loudspeaker...

Home theater review

Sonically, it doesn't get much better in the world of high end loudspeakers than Revel's Ultima Salon2's. Yes, they are expensive but you are getting speakers capable of faithfully reproducing audiophile sources ranging from LP to Compact Disc to DVD-Audio, SACD and HD downloads while also presenting mastering studio quality sound for Dolby True HD and DTS Master Cinema.

The absolute sound

The term “clarity” seems to have fallen out of favor in audio reviewing, perhaps because it is too simple and plain. But if I had to describe the Salon2 with a single word, it would be “clarity.” This loudspeaker has a quality that can be compared to a perfectly transparent and pure crystal—such is the low level of colorations and distortions.

No loudspeaker is perfect, but Revel’s Ultima Salon2 is the closest I’ve found. Its bass and high-frequency performance are beyond reproach, and its midrange deserves high praise for its neutrality, transparency, and speed. Some might wish for a little more of the midrange richness of, say, the Magico V2, but this would be more about desiring a certain type of sound rather than indicating any deficiency in the Salon2. From top to bottom, The Salon2 is an ultraprecise, remarkably refined, full-range transducer that delivers nothing short of state-of-the-art sound while making fewer compromises than any other speaker I’ve heard.


Please contact us to schedule your private demonstration. 

OK, OK... Let's go with a 4K!

One of the hottest products at this years Consumer electronics show has been the new UHD TV's by manufacturers like LG, Samsung and Sony, all three manufacturers also demonstrated the ability to upscale todays HD content to 4k resolution... These products simply look great, 4K is here to stay!

Pictured here is a 105" Edge lit LED Curved UHD TV by Samsung

Current home security systems

You may find yourself pulled away from home quite a bit this season between holiday parties, kids’ programs and traveling. So what IS happening at home? Don’t spend your time worrying about it, but rather, use your integrated security system for monitoring and enjoy your time away! Combined with a Crestron system and downloaded app, you are able to pull up live time images from your cameras and make sure Fluffy the dog is staying out of trouble. System options include pet immunity motion detectors, smoke detectors, window and door contacts, indoor/outdoor cameras, garage door control systems and the list goes on. 

Smart technology for the holidays

Smart Technology for the Holidays

We want to stay in touch with the people who mean the most to us, especially over the holidays. Thankfully we live in a tech-savvy era making it easier to do so. One of the coolest ways to stay connected is via video chat. But who wants to crowd around a tiny laptop screen, trying to squeeze everyone in the picture? Smart TVs make it possible to sit comfortably and have a large screen for viewing while video chatting with the grandkids, parents or your old college buddies. The Samsung Smart TVs are a logical choice and a favorite of ours, with the F8000 Ultra Slim LED TV series including a built-in webcam perfect for using Skype. Give us a call or stop by the showroom sometime soon to discuss your ideal TV. We’ll direct you towards the best fit for your needs, including TV mounts and installation pricing.


Samsung HDTV


Also shown in this image is the Rega RP3 Elys turntable, the new Revel Performa3 F208 3-way floor standing speakers, M106 2-way bookshelf monitor loudspeakers that are being powered by the peachtree audio Grand Integrated 400 watts per channel dual tube amplifier.

Oppo Blu ray with Darbee processing

Spell it frontwards, spell it backwards…. either way, Oppo delivers one of the best blu ray players around. We are in the process of testing the latest model in their line up, the BDP-103D. The BDP-103D features the "Darbee Visual Presence" technology that truly increases image realism in both 2D & 3D video. Contact us to schedule an appointment at our showroom and compare the increased clarity, perception of depth and realism that the new oppo blu ray produces.

Oppo boxed

Historic homes need integration too!

Today's integrated audio/video and control systems make upgrading a 100+ year old home easier than ever.

Historic home exterior

With products and technologies from manufacturers like Crestron we were able to design a fully integrated control system that will allow our client to seamlessly control audio/video, lighting, security, cctv and much more from a number of user interfaces such as hand held universal remote controls, touch screen televisions, iPhone, iPad and personal computers from anywhere in the world. We combined the Crestron control platform with a number of other key manufacturers like Packedge for our home network and wifi system, Integra AV receiver for the media room and Lexicon amplifiers that will be powering the Revel architectural speakers throughout the home.

Today's Integrated Home

Here is what to expect from an Integrated Home Design by Current Home Technologies...

We start with a robust Crestron control processor that becomes the cornerstone for Lighting Control, Home Security Integration, HVAC Control and Integration, Audio/Video distribution and integration of home electronics like Integra Receivers, Samsung LED HDTv's, Tivo DVR's, Peachtree Audio DAC's, etc, iPhone & Android Integration , then we add a few customized features such as Integrated door locks, Intercom, CCTV integration, Automated window treatments & Roller shades, Gate control and Integration, whole house Wifi data networks from companies like Packedge, Netgear & Apple, in-wall touch screen controllers AND a single integrated hand held remote to control all your media room gear.

You name it... and we'll integrate and control it!

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Richard L.

Current Home Technologies provided invaluable guidance and service when we wanted to make the leap to HDTV. I'd recommend them to anyone.

Jennifer M.

Tony and his staff really know what they're doing. They are a pleasure to work with and I'm already looking forward to our next project with them.

Dave A.

The installations are always done on time and with a focus on my total satisfaction. And they are always there to help me with any questions after the sale. In a world full of unreliable service companies it's great to be able to have total trust in Current Home Technologies.

A. Bell

The team at Current Home Technologies is exceptionally professional, knowledgeable, thorough and flexible. It has been a delight to work with them to plan for our current and future audio and video needs.

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