Tunable Lighting Leads to Healthier Living

The impact light has the health of our lives is a growing hot topic of conversation. It’s because we no longer regulate our sleep patterns naturally by the rise and fall of the sun. Instead, we adjust our sleep patterns to the demands of life.   And have been appropriately titled — “The Indoor Generation.”


Studies indicate the average American spends more than 90% of their time indoors.  87% inside and 6% in a vehicle.  And since proper lighting is a significant factor in the rhythm of our lives, it most definitely demands our attention.

Not so many years ago the majority of our days were spent outside, and we were only inside at night.  Mainly for supper and sleeping.  That’s because most of the activities needed to sustain life happened outdoors.  But now, the majority of our income comes from jobs requiring extensive indoor labor, and our rhythm with nature has been altered which is creating a myriad of health and psychological issues.  Thankfully, new technology has provided an answer to this problem that we can incorporate in our daily lifestyle.

We need our indoor lighting to adapt to our lifestyle.  Like all living creatures, our bodies are intended to function on a cycle or rhythm pattern.  That rhythm is called the “Circadian Rhythm.”

The Circadian rhythm is how our bodies organically respond to light and dark.  That’s why we naturally wake up with the sunrise and wind down at sunset. In general, most people are more productive and have more energy during bright daytime hours than evening hours, which is absolutely natural.  So, how do we fix this problem?  Tunable Lighting.

As I mentioned earlier, new technology has put the power in our hands to mimic the natural light.  With tunable lighting, we can now reset our Circadian clock to sync with the rising and setting of the sun.  And the ability to program lighting automatically, makes it a carefree process to seamlessly support our daily routine.  Also, if you’re working in an office space, you can set the lighting to enhance productivity and provide indoor natural light to the areas that need it most.

Setting lighting scenes in your home and workspace has taken a giant leap forward from mood and safety and has become a major part of ensuring optimal health, natural living, and productivity.

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