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Basic Maintenance

It is absolutely vital that all electronic components operate in a safe temperature zone. Components should be visually inspected and cleaned on a regular basis. Special attention should be given to the components' intake and exhaust ventilation systems.

Trouble Shooting Tips


Loss of Audio (all others)

Issue: Many power amplifiers will go into “standby” mode after a loss of power.

  • Verify to amplifier and/or surge protector is powered.
  • Try a different source such as tuner or streaming to determine whether it is the amplifier or the selected source.
  • Verify that the Infrared Flasher is properly placed over the device’s Infrared window.
  • Verify all cables are securely connected.
  • If you’re “streaming” from a device like an iPhone, iPad, etc. make sure the volume of your device is turned up.

Issue: System failure after Comcast upgrade

Comcast may have installed new hardware of a cable box that requires additional programming to control your system. Inform Comcast of your integrated system prior to replacing or upgrading any hardware.

If new hardware was installed without the additional programming it may cause your control system to fail. This issue is easily resolved with some minor adjustments.

If no new hardware was installed, we recommend a visual inspection of the components.  We’ve found that Comcast technicians will often fail to plug devices in after their visit. 


Issue: Apple TV is non-responsive.

Device inactivity and lack of firmware updates are often attributed to system instability.

Follow these steps to resolve the issue:

  • Restart device by removing from power source and re-energizing.
  • Verify the infrared flasher is properly placed over the device’s infrared window.
  • Verify cables are securely connected.
  • Verify Data Network/WiFi system is functioning properly.

Adjusting the device’s sleep setting to “never” will often improve overall stability.

Issue: Unable to video live stream cameras remotely.

If you are unable video stream your cameras it may be an internet connectivity issue. Follow these steps to resolve the issue.

  • Verify IP address information in the setup screen of the app.
  • Restart modem and router by removing from power source and recycling the power.

If you’ve changed internet service providers or data/network hardware, you’ll need to update the IP address and port information.

Issue: Unable to connect to the internet.

  • Try another device such as an iPad, desktop computer, etc. to ensure it is not the device in use.
  • Restart modem and router by disconnecting and reconnecting the power source.
  • Verify cables are securely connected.

If you are unable to access internal network files or devices,  reboot the router and switches.


Issue: Trouble light is present on keypad.

Press *2 from an LCD display keypad to view trouble information.

There are many troubleshooting steps in the system user manual. If you do not have one you can find it on the manufacturer’s website.




  • Manufacturer recommends testing system weekly.
  • Change batteries on a regular schedule.
  • Verify contact alignment.

Issue: Low suction.

If you’re experiencing low suction from only one specific valve in the system, there may be a between the valve and main trunk line.

  • Verify all valves are closed and no other attachment kits are plugged in.
  • Verify level in collection tank in power unit.  Empty the tank if full. 

Warning: Disconnecting handle or wand from power head while energized will cause damage to the electrical connections.




  • Empty collection tank on a regular schedule.
  • Visually inspect the attachment kit’s “carpet attachment” and remove any threads. Pay close attention to area near bearings.

Issue: Unable to connect to internet.

WiFi signal strength will vary depending on device in use, (i.e. an iPad may have sufficient signal strength where a smart phone has very little signal due to the devices internal antenna capability).

Try these steps to resolve the issue:

  • Verify device (iPad, tablet, laptop, etc.) is logged into network.
  • Check signal strength indicator.

If signal strength is good, then situation is most likely due to your modem contact your service provider for instructions.



If no signal is present, verify WAP (wireless access point) is powered on.

  • Verify cables are securely connected.
  • Try logging out and back into the network.



Common occurrences related to slow connection speeds:

  • Channel selection on access point or router.
  • Older devices in use on network.
  • Crowded RF environment such as condominium complexes or office buildings.


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